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About us


Beijing Jinsitai Electronic Co., Ltd was founded in 1995 located in Changping district of Beijing,China. Distance to the Badaling Great Wall G6\G7 Expressway 1 km. Jinsitai is a private enterprise specializing in the production of wire harness, connectors, wire and cables and other electronic elements.


On the leverage of technological innovation, our company has establish a firm QA system. Now we have held multiple intellectual properties, set up ISO9001 quality system and accredited to UL  approval. There are excellent processing equipments and full varieties of products, and the annual capacity is 1 million sets of wire harnesses.

With the scientific management, stable quality, reliable performance, reasonable price and heartfelt post-sale service, with the objective pursuing perfect on both product and service qualities, with the ideas of giving up defects equalizes in giving up the clients. And with the most sincere commercial credits, we are looking forward to getting a closed cooperation with the users domestic and overseas to mutually make a nice tomorrow.



Contact: Yang

Phone: 86-13901032347

Tel: 86-10-80713441

Email: sales@jinsitai.com

Add: The west of north bridge, Shahe,Changping,Beijing,China

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