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Harness manufacturing process

Harness fabrication is divided into the following parts:
1. Wire cutting is to cut the wire according to the size required by the process. Some automatic crimping equipment can cut the wire and crimp at the same time, such as c551 in Xiaosi, 555 in kumais, Japan, etc;
2. Terminal crimping crimp the cut wires to the terminals with a small crimping machine (there are few soldering now). Sometimes multiple wires can be crimped at one terminal;
3. Sub assembly: the crimped wires are sub assembled according to the sub assembly process requirements, that is, the terminals are inserted into the sheath
4. Assemble the sub assembled small assembly on the drawing board according to the circuit direction (bundle with adhesive tape or tension tape, that is, harness)
5. For loop detection, conduct the conduction test on the special loop detection equipment according to the preset loop direction (without load, so it will not affect the function of the harness)
6. Appearance inspection: visually inspect whether some appearance parts meet the standard and lack accessories.

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