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Automotive wiring harness

Lead time: To be negotiated
Product description: Samples will be accepted
Lead Time:To be negotiated
Payment Method :T/T


Name: Automotive wiring harness

Wire: designed by your drawing or requirements                                                       

Connector: designed by your drawing or requirements

Processing technology: terminal riveting, welding, forming and assembly

Product certification: UL, ipc620, reach, rohs2.0


1) Your inquiry related to our product & price will be replied with 12 hours.

2) As a professional manufacturer of wire harness, We provide OEM, ODM service, the details of the product can be made as your requirement.

2) Free Logo on the surface of over-molded connectors can be provided upon customer requirement. Sample lead time 10-12 days

3) Unique designed package for you can be provided upon customer requirement.

4) Special feature and service can be provided upon requirement.

5) Excellent before service and after service.

6) Wire harnesses are usually designed by your drawings or requirements.

7) Good after-sale service offered, if there is quality problem.

8) By the way, samples free of charge.

9) Various kinds of wire harness,custom cables,electrical cable,consumption cable and accept OEM/ODM design.

10) 100% electrical tests before delivery.




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